Our Vision:

We believe that by providing the best services and support in accordance with the standards of the world, we can take a step towards the development and growth of Islamic Iran and consider any effort in this direction as a source of honor and pride. SPN Group’s vision is based on maintaining, continuing and strengthening its activities with the focus on basic and detailed engineering, procurement, design / implementation and project management in industries, and in this regard, this group while adhering to the development of human resources as the most important Respect for the environment and all stakeholders, as well as the following principles and its policy framework:

  • Improving the leadership and abilities of managers and project implementation by establishing new and effective systems; In such a way that the projects are done with the highest possible accuracy and quality in the time desired by the customer.
  • Expanding resources, upgrading the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of the market and employers and taking advantage of global standards
  • Maximum growth in trade and export of petrochemical industries in the region and the world
  • Accurate analysis of the needs of the oil and gas industry and commitment to comply with national laws, contract requirements, codes and standards
  • Adopting a flexible approach in interacting with the needs of employers and also improving the system in order to increase satisfaction at the highest levels
  • Localization of advanced technologies in the field of oil and gas
  • Quality service to platforms and offshore industries
  • Establishing a continuous and valuable relationship with employers and owners of industries and related institutions in the oil and gas industry
  • Adhere to its ethical charter and social responsibilities with respect for organizational culture, environmental protection and commitment to the philosophy of continuous quality improvement.