The Safir Pouyan Namdar Company, based in Tehran, with several decades of experience, is known as the coordinator and designer of work plans and business activities for today and the future of the SPN group of companies. Reputable executive record along with good reputation has made the company a perfect example of foresight and productivity management. The company in order to expand the scope of international business through offices and business partners, as well as using direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers of goods to provide the best goods needed by the industry in accordance with modern technical and engineering standards in the shortest time and has provided the lowest price in foreign currency and Rials.

In order to expand the range of international business activities through domestic and foreign offices and our business partners, this company always aims to provide a wide and stable network of supply chains and with maximum adaptability to advanced global standards in the supply of products and services, handle a successful international trade in the field of oil and petrochemical industries.

liquid Paraffin

Solid Paraffin

Also in recent years, the main focus of the company has been around supplying, trading, and exporting different Petrochemicals such as different grades of the Slack Waxes and paraffin and the company attempts to develop this field nationally and globally.

Slack Wax

Slack Wax Packaging

Examples of available Products to Export:

  •  Slack wax in various grades and packages
  •  Paraffin in various grades and packages
  •  Monoethanolamine MEA
  •  Diethanolamine DEA
  •  Mono ethanol glycol MEG
  • Diethanol glycol DEG
  •  Triethanol glycol TEG
  •  Polyaluminum chloride PAC
  • Urea
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Types of light and heavy polyethylene
  • Sodium hydroxide (liquid and solid)
  • Texapon
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium bicarbonate (light and heavy types)
  •  Others
Transportation And Packaging Of Petrochemicals
Export All Petrochemical Products And Materials

Dear customers, you can contact us to supply all kinds of petrochemical products and petroleum products, our experts will answer you in the shortest possible time.