Summary of services and operational capacity of SPN Group:

According to its compiled articles of association, this collection operates in the following fields and other matters that are in some way related to the specialized field of this collection:

  • Execution and strategic operations in the field of oil, gas, refineries and petrochemicals
  • Design management, design and consulting, technical supervision and engineering components
  • Cooperate with international level one program in the field of inspection and obtain valid approvals
  • Performing all logistics services required by industries in the offshore sector
  • Equipping mechanical facilities and supplying supplies and materials related to oil, gas and petrochemical industry projects
  • Preparation of matters related to technical inspection and non-destructive tests related to materials and interpretation of tests
  • Execution of all firefighting projects
  • Supplying all kinds of precision instruments from reputable international brands
  • Carrying out authorized commercial activities, including the export of petrochemical and downstream industries
  • Exporting all kinds of hot and cold steel sheets
  • Supply of machinery and tools required by various industries
  • Obtaining representation from reputable domestic and foreign companies
  • Participate in auctions and tenders in the public and private sectors
  • Participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions and establish effective trade relations
  • Performing all services related to visas, tickets and hotels for visits, projects and business trips